Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fractal Standard Time Update, Part II

It's done.

Or, at least that is what I told myself a couple of weeks ago. The science fiction book that originally started out as a collection of interlinked short stories has morphed into a novella. That novella has now taken on a life of its own and turned into the opening book of a trilogy. The other two books will be done sometime later this year or early next year.

Here are the titles of the stories in Fractal Standard Time:

Tales from the Front
Racing the Anvil Crawlers
The Mathematician’s Lawn
Subterranean Dreams
The Mines of Mars, Part II
The Rise of Magnopolis
Opening Day
The Peddler
The Nanobot Sandbox
The Great War
A Kind of Time Machine

Tales from the Front and The Mathematician's Lawn are already available as standalone short stories on Amazon, and The Peddler will be put online shortly. The full collection, however, will hopefully be available sometime in late August. As I mentioned in a prior post, this novella is full of fractals...some subtle, some obvious. The fractals are woven into the structure of the book to make a larger point: left to their own devices, humans tend to let their fallen nature run out of control. The first three stories take place on Earth, while the other nine take place on Mars and chronicle the rise of a series of early settlements on the Red Planet.

As far as the other books, they will be novels and titled Ionotatron and Chronopticus. The Chronopticus Network (introduced in Fractal Standard Time), will be the focus of book three. The book will chronicle the rise and fall of an "all-seeing network" system that attempts to compile staggering amounts of information about everybody it comes in contact with. In the hands of the wrong people, that information leads to all sorts of corruption. This is also a theme that occurs in Fractal Standard Time.

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