Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Update: Horizons

Just a brief update today on the latest book I'm working on. It is a collection of poems and short stories that span a broad range of topics, and it is tenatively titled, "Horizons". There are six short stories and twenty poems in all, and it will be available in both Kindle and paperback formats. I haven't finished the back cover copy yet, but I'll be releasing that soon. I expect this book to be available by the end of September or at the latest, early October.

The short story names are as follows: For Keeps, Splinters, A Letter to Laodicea, Snowbound, Voices Still Unheard, and The Last Holdout. Some of the topics of the poems include bicycling, rollercoasters, dreams, and even storms.

Some of these stories and poems have appeared elsewhere, but this is the first time they will be gathered together in one place. Many thanks to Paul Chernoch, and other readers/writers that have helped me along the way with this project, especially when it came to critiques, commentary, and suggestions.

In addition, I'm also working on another, larger non-fiction project which will then be followed by a novel that contains similar themes. More details on that soon, too.

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