Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'd Rather Be Writing About Storms

I'm at a peculiar point in the writing of the last book of the Chronopticus Chonicles trilogy. I'm nearly finished with the outline of the book and will likely start in on the rough draft this week. The book has a lot of interesting elements and storylines to it...many of which were set up in the two previous books, Fractal Standard Time and Ionotatron. There are also a lot of clock references involved. The plot moves along at a steady, escalating pace, new details are revealed about characters in the first two books, and many of these characters learn to work together to take on a menacing threat to their existence.

So why I would I rather be writing something else?

First, it's been a long, long, winter in the part of the country. Like, twenty-degrees-below-normal-for-most-of-the-winter long. So when the snow melts it's not exactly a conducive evironment for writing.

Second, storm season is just around the corner. I wrote a quick storm-related short story, Dust in the Whirlwind, which will be arriving on the iTunes and Barnes & Noble shortly. Although this story will later become part of a bigger short story collection, The Tesseract Rose, it is also a lead-in to the stormchasing novel I have on the drawing board...Race the Sky. And, to be blunt, I'd rather be working on that at this moment due to the change in weather.

It doesn't help that I've always wanted to write Race the Sky during the spring (or at least the final version of it, since I've already written two versions of it but will not be publishing those). Although I don't have an outline written for it yet, I know the general story and have the characters pretty much figured out. It's possible that after I finish the rough draft of this current project, I'll switch over and write the outline of Race the Sky. Time will tell, I guess.

In other news, I do plan on posting a bunch of audio versions of my short stories and opening chapters of some of my other novels over on my main website. More on that shortly...

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