Monday, May 12, 2014

Random Tech Bits

Here is an interesting interview with Nolan Bushnell, who was the founder of Atari along with Chuck E. Cheese restaurants (and many other ventures). The history he shares is fascinating. He also shares several anectdotes and tips.

In the video there is also a mention of the STEAM carnival, which will be coming to Los Angeles on October 25-26 of 2014. It is a carnival that focuses on Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), Art (A), and Math (M). It also will hit the road (via train no less) sometime in the future. More details on their site.

In space news, researchers are proposing plans to test a small greenhouse on Mars. The greenhouse could arrive with the next planetary rover in order to test how plants grow in such an environment.

Finally, here is some recent stormchasing footage I found from Louisville. I can't imagine getting much closer than this.

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