Friday, July 25, 2014

Random Tech Bits and a Trilogy Update

Just a quick update today along with some book news. I'll post a lot more in the coming weeks, but I'm finishing up a major project right now and it's taking up most of my time.

A Chinese company has constructed multiple buildings using giant 3D printers. The future implications of this, once they perfect the technology, could have a significant impact on colonization of the Moon or even Mars.

Back on Earth, here are a couple articles about Earth's weakening magnetic field. Could this mean a pole flip is around the corner?'s a brief book update. The rough draft of the third installment of the Chronopticus Chronicles series, Chronopticus Rising, is nearly done. I should have the rough draft completed by early next week and I will start on edits days after that. It is the longest book of the trilogy and will bring together elements scattered across the first two books. The key word for this book? Persecution.

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