Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Random Space Bits

Just a few updates today...mostly in the form of space news.

The Mars Curiosity rover appears to have discovered some methane on Mars. Although scientists are unsure what the data means for the long term, it will be something to watch since the source of the methane is unknown.

Out near Saturn, rogue winds are shaping dunes on Titan. Even further out in the solar system, a bit of great news: the New Horizons spacecraft woke up from its slumber. Hopefully in the coming months we'll see some amazing photos from Pluto and its collection of moons.

Back on Earth, here is a trailer for a new arcade game: Star Wars Battle Pod. I wonder if it incorporates any imagery/scenes from the upcoming movie (due in December of 2015)?

Lastly, here is a book that recently came out that is full of steampunk Lego projects and illustrations.

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