Thursday, April 30, 2015

Weather Report

When it comes to the weather, sometimes conditions change in a hurry. The same goes for creative writing.

Four months ago, I was planning on finishing one novel this spring: Race the Sky. Then, along came a couple dozen short story ideas that went in a myriad of directions. Some of those short story ideas morphed into novel ideas, and suddenly I found myself looking at yet another trilogy idea where Race the Sky was only the opening act. Sounds great, right?

Over the past few weeks another two dozen short stories sprang to life. And, well, as creative things go, that means there is another book in there. Or two, if I am patient enough. It has no title as of yet, but there are at least 15-20 stories that will make the cut. The rough draft is about halfway done and I will likely be able to make it available in the next two to three months. Then it's back to the novel.

In some space related news, the MESSENGER mission finally ended by crashing into the planet Mercury. Back here on Earth, there was New Shepard's first test flight, which is a rocket built by Blue Origin. I hadn't heard of them until today and was surprised to find out the company is a private aerospace venture founded by Jeff Bezos (of Amazon fame).

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