Saturday, March 16, 2013

Random Tech Bits

In October 2014, one of two things will happen on Mars: either it will witness an impressive flyby of newly discovered comet C/2013-A1 or it will get hit by it. The chances of it getting hit are low, but over the next few months scientists should get a better handle on its trajectory. Estimates of the size of the comet are anywhere between two and thirty miles across...which could leave an impact crater of twenty to over three hundred miles in diameter and throw an enormous amount of rock and dust into the atmosphere.

One has to wonder how big of a rock it would take to knock the planet out of orbit.

Here is a website where you can order your own custom 4-ton mech robot for just over $1 million.

In other news...coming to a set of eyeglasses near you: augmented reality. There is a lot of research being done in this space. More on this in a later post.

Now, assuming the comet doesn't hit and smash everything to pieces, I wonder what would happen if we could bring some of these technologies to Mars?

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