Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yet Another Corridors Update, Part I

Some brief book news today...my science fiction short story collection finally has a cover. Although the cover is not completely done, it's far enough along where I should be able to release the book via Amazon around the middle of May.

The collection is diverse and will contain fourteen stories...some of which have already been made available on Amazon over the past few weeks. Some of the themes will include mechanical insects, transhumanism, a novel-writing computer, two cadets who battle it out inside a simulator that projects their thoughts on giant screens, and a character "sentenced" to work at an intergalactic Bible factory. There are a bunch of other stories that didn't make the cut but some day might get reworked enough to end up in a book.

One of the key stories from this collection, however, is The Mines of Mars, Part I. It's a story about a part-time smuggler, Kyrk, who reluctantly gets pulled into a mini-refugee crisis at a nearby Martian settlement. For a few more weeks, it will be available at Amazon here. There is a Mines of Mars, Part II, but it won't make its appearance until the next book is completed, which is Fractal Standard Time. That book is in the editing stage right now and should be done within the next month. I plan on releasing that book sometime in June.

As usual, I'll also run a giveaway or two (or three) over at Goodreads as soon as the paperback versions become available.

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