Monday, April 22, 2013

Yet Another Corridors Update, Part II

After a long delay, I can finally announce some release dates for Corridors, as well as give you an idea of what the cover will look like. If all goes well, the paperback version will be available via Lulu by Tuesday, April 30th. The Kindle/ePub versions will be available on May 17th. I will also run some paperback giveaways over at Goodreads and perhaps a giveaway or two over on LibraryThing.

So far the book has been described as being "like the Twilight Zone". It contains fourteen stories in all and their titles can be found in this post. It covers an immense amount of science fiction ground, from a Martian transport train to dome cities on the Moon to a story that takes place during the Millennium ("Cities of the Plain"). There are electronic insect battles, robotic ants, mind-transfer experiments, and lots more.

This brings me to the cover. There is quite a bit going on in this illustration, and I was surprised that the cover artist incorporated so many story ideas into it (eight or nine out of the fourteen). I added the Twilight Zone style lettering because the stories go in so many different directions. As you can imagine, I'm having a difficult time trying to come up with decent back cover copy for this collection.

If this isn't enough, there is another book on the way that I've talked about in previous posts (Fractal Standard Time). The stories in that collection are tightly interlinked, however. For those that read "The Mines of Mars, Part I" (found in Corridors) there is a corresponding story, "The Mines of Mars, Part II", which will be found in Fractal Standard Time.

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