Saturday, February 22, 2014

Io Arriving

After a brief delay, Book II of the Chronopticus Chronicles (aka "Ionotatron") has been finished. The e-book version will be available on within a week or so and the paperback will follow after that.

I've already been working on the outline of Book III, Chronopticus Rising, where everything in the series finally comes together. More on that soon. And then, there's this stormchasing novel I've had lying around for some time...

With every book it seems, there is always something to learn and something unpredictable that happens. With this particular novel, I had to rewrite the opening chapter almost a dozen times before I was relatively happy with it. Initially, the rest of the book was fine, but in this instance the opening chapter was a mess of ideas. Eventually many of the ideas and lines from the opening chapter ended up elsewhere in the book...which is where they really belonged anyway.

Ionotatron is quick read and a short novel...which technically may make it a novella, depending on how you define your terms. Chronopticus Rising should be a longer book and I hope to have it done by the summer of this year.

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