Saturday, February 8, 2014

Io Update

About for the lack of updates as of late...I've been typing in lots of edits to Ionotatron as well as preparing the groundwork for the third book in the series. I've moved the publication date of the second book back to the beginning of March, but I may move it back further if necessary. The Gravity of Dreams short story has also been delayed...for the same reason. This book is also turning out a little shorter than I hoped, so I don't know if I'll leave it alone or add another subplot. Whatever the case, I need to tell the story right in the second book in order for all three of the books to fit together.

Speaking of Mars news, there are new pictures coming out that show a new impact crater on Mars. The crater is about 100 feet across and was made within the past three years. Some may argue this is all the more reason to put a colony underground, but I'm not as convinced. I think a lack of sunlight might create new problems underground unless some means of transporting sunlight below the surface can be created.

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