Friday, November 22, 2013

45 or 3

I had an idea the other day, but I'm not sure it would pan out in the long run.

I'm currently taking a short break in my writing schedule, but looking ahead I'm trying to gauge what types of fiction I should write after I finish the trilogy I'm working on. I have at least a dozen ideas for another science fiction short story collection, but I also want to work again on a stand-alone novel I started years ago.

Then I thought of another idea: write three science fiction short story collections in a row and make many of the individual stories available via Amazon's KDP Select for a limited time. I figured that would probably entail writing at least 45 short stories or more. The alternative would be to write three full novels instead, since one short story collection takes just about as much time as it does to write an individual novel.

The nice thing about short stories, too, is that as an author, you can try out numerous ideas at once without a lot of time investment or risk. Those results can impact future novels. With the last two collections I've written, however, it felt as if many of the stories wanted to keep if they were meant to grow into full length novels. Yet writing a dozen novels in a year's time is not an easily achievable goal, even if a writer goes full time.

Whatever the case, I hope to have books two and three of the trilogy out soon.

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