Thursday, November 14, 2013

WIP Update

Here's an intermediate cover for the second installment of the trilogy I'm working on. Although the cover is not finished, as of two days ago I did complete a rough draft of Ionotatron. This second book is a full novel that builds on the foundation of Fractal Standard Time. The overall theme of the book is a bit darker than its predecessor, but echoes of this book can be found in the second, fifth, eighth, and eleventh stories of the first book (can you sense a pattern here?).

One of the main themes in this book will be the refinement and perfection of existing technologies. In this novel those two technologies are the Cyclode robots (introduced in the first book) and the Chronopticus Network. Both of these technologies will be expanded upon further in the third book and ultimately controlled by a cold, calculating character who arrives towards the end of this book. There is also a theme of escalating complexity (hence the Hilbert Curve on the cover) as a race is on to build the ultimate information network.

In addition, while the first book asked, "Can Eden be built on another planet?", this book asks, "What is one's definition of Eden?" In the futuristic setting of this series, many settlers arrive on Mars with very different agendas. Many seem intent of escaping something back on Earth in hopes of creating their own private utopia in the stars.

As far as the series goes, I've also started working on the outline for Chronopticus Rising, which should be due out before March of next year, if all goes well. I hope to have Ionotatron out by Christmas, however.

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