Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Year Ahead

This will be the last of the writing-related updates for a while. I've decided upon an ambitious publishing plan for the coming year, which in some respects, is already underway.

For starters, Ionotatron, should be done by January of 2014. The third novel is already being outlined and will follow within a few months of that. I've also already started on another science fiction short story collection which has no title at the current time, but contains eighteen tales.

But that's not the biggest update.

I'm also finally going to (re)outline and (re)write a novel I've written twice before...Race the Sky. It's a standalone storm chasing novel, but with a supernatural twist. If that isn't enough, I'm also working on plans for another nine science fiction novels, which will be broken into three trilogies.

In short, I'm going to need a lot of book covers in the coming months...

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