Friday, August 23, 2013

Paperback Release: Fractal Standard Time

The paperback release of Fractal Standard Time is now available. Visit here for more details. Here's the book description (for now):
Can Eden be built on another planet? Several pioneers, explorers, and inventors aim to find out by establishing a permanent colony on Mars. One mathematician and scientist, Steven Entner, stakes his career on the idea and inspires several generations to come.

As his vision evolves through his descendents, so does the technology to implement it. With the technology comes an increasing mastery over the environment. In the wrong hands that technology may lead to their ultimate destruction.
The e-book version will follow in mid-September. Work is already underway on the next two books in the series, and Ionotatron (book two) should be done by late November.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Fractal Standard Time Update, Part III

The journey to Mars begins here...

Here is the probable cover of the paperback version of Fractal Standard Time, which will be released sometime within the next week or two. This will be followed by the e-book version, with the second book in the series coming out a few months later. It would be nice to have the final book in the trilogy done by Christmas, but that depends on a lot of factors beyond my control. I'm currently outlining two books at once...and that alone is new territory for me. In future posts, I'll also explain the rather abstract symbol on the cover and how it evolves across the all three covers in the series.

More details coming shortly...