Monday, February 1, 2016

Book Release: Race the Sky

Race the Sky, Secrets of the Elements Book I, is now available at

This is the first novel in the series and it works a little differently than some of my other books. There is more of a mystery factor to this book which will carry on to the other books in the series. The book even ends with a bit of a mystery (not necessarily a cliffhanger). This is deliberate because solving that mystery will take an entire book of its own (The Hammer of Amalynth). In fact, the primary antagonist of the second book, Dr. Amalynth, appears briefly in this one.

Regarding the second book, I have a rough outline done, but it will take some revision before I can start in on the rough draft. There will also be more of a science fiction edge to the second and third books. Finally, if one theme could sum up the entire series it would be this: Faith rediscovered, faith rebuilt, faith refined. I'll explore each of those stages in the months and books to come.