Thursday, May 26, 2016

Random Story Bits

The rough draft of The Hammer of Amalynth is finally done. All in longhand. Once I get everything typed up, it'll get edited multiple times, and then it should be good to go. I'm thinking it'll be available sometime in July.

As for Book III, it seems to have multiple working titles. The final title is The Fire and the Anvil, but the working titles have ranged from Firebugs in the Whirlwind to The Tesseract Rose to The Forge of Midnight to Night of the Fire Tornadoes. I'm going in an unusual direction with the book in terms of technology and plot and I'm going to cover something that probably hasn't been done much (if ever) in a book. It will also be the confluence of a lot of story lines set up in the first two books of this series and even pulls in bits from the short stories Dust in the Whirlwind and Firebugs (both available for free on Amazon and elsewhere). I'm working on the outline now, and hope to have a rough draft done before the fall of this year.

And, somewhere in between all these drafts and outlines, I'm working on the Windows Out short story collection. I don't know when I will finish it, but again, I should get it done before the year is out. It should contain about a dozen stories.