Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Random Tech Bits

Here are some relatively connected tech stories I've been collecting from around the 'net.

They've officially launched a "drone racing league". Looks like a lot of fun. Well, at least until your machine crashes into a wall and you are out several hundred dollars.

Here are some stories about microbots. One is more speculative, while the other describes a group of ant-like robots pulling an automobile. Here is the accompanying demonstration video.

Then of course there is "Atlas", the upright-walking robot. I don't see it replacing human workers just yet, but the machine's ability to cross uneven terrain is significant.

Here is an article about someone who wants to upload their mind to a machine as a means of achieving a pseudo-immortality. This is something I speculated about a while ago in a couple of stories from Corridors ("IM Forever" and "Image Management"). By the way, Corridors is on sale this weekend for 99 cents over at Amazon.

Finally, I have an update on Book II of the Secrets of the Elements series (Race the Sky is considered Book I). I'm just about to start in on the rough draft of The Hammer of Amalynth. The writing of the book should go pretty fast since I did a ton of prep work for the first book in the series. This novel will continue some of the narrative arcs in Race the Sky and everything will come together in the final book, The Fire and the Anvil. More updates coming shortly.