Sunday, March 15, 2015

Random Tech News and a Book Update

Here's a story on a material called carbon fiber. I mentioned carbon nanotubes before, but this is a little different. Expect to see a lot more of this material appearing everywhere in a myriad of products.

Then there is this development. It's a long article, but if you've read Theft at the Speed of Light, there are some eerie parallels here. Enough said.

Here is a story about a rarely documented phenomenon called a fire tornado. In this case, the fire pushed enough heat, moisture, and energy into the atmosphere to generate a cloud called a pyrocumulonimbus. Underneath that, a tornado developed, causing up to EF-3 damage in some places.

And finally, a book update. There are more delays on the novel, Race the Sky. This is a good thing, though. While I was taking a "break" from it, I ended up starting two dozen short stories. A handful of the stories then morphed into novel ideas. In fact, one of those ideas was so strong that it generated another thirty pages of handwritten notes. Those notes turned into a rough outline and after some more tinkering around, I think I've assembled a unique trilogy of novels: Race the Sky, The Hammer of Amalynth, and The Tesseract Rose (this last title will change). The trilogy will follow the adventures of a storm chaser and a cult researcher as they track down the causes of strange weather over a period of a couple of years. I don't have a series title as of yet but that will change soon.