Friday, March 9, 2018

Book Release: Windows Out

My new science fiction short story collection, Windows Out, is now available on Amazon. It will also be available soon in paperback on and elsewhere. This is a collection of twelve tales that took several years to write. From the back cover:

Two rival robotics engineers visit an abandoned Martian battlefield and discover they are not alone. A scientist flies an electric crow through time to steal a breakthrough device only to find his moves are being countered by a future version of himself. A reporter doubts a scientist’s claim of teleportation until he meets the scientist’s son over a cup of strange tea.

From the edge of space to the depths of the sea, these tales are windows to worlds beyond our own. These worlds are bounded only by the drive and imagination of those who inhabit them.

I'll also have more updates soon on the third book in the Secrets of the Elements series, The Fire and the Anvil.