Thursday, November 22, 2018

Book III Update: The Fire and the Anvil

Just a quick update today...editing is progressing on the third installment of the Secrets of the Elements series, The Fire and the Anvil. The book should be done, along with the cover art, sometime around the middle of December. The book will pull together the story lines set up in the first two books, Race the Sky and The Hammer of Amalynth, as well as bits from two short stories, Firebugs, and Dust in the Whirlwind.

I'm still considering plans for books four and five, but it really depends on how things go with the release of book three. I'm also working on an outline for a "Tron-like" trilogy of novels set in the future as well as a work of non-fiction and another short story collection.

In the meantime here are some articles that are tangentially related to The Fire and the Anvil.